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Almost 3 minutes- might be best to try listening and reading this time…
In early summer’s water  
she has swum 
the cool clean pond  
where the dragon dwells. 
In mid-summer 
barn swallows dive and snap the water
sipping through
as the ghostly dragon 
engulfs its prey
In early autumn 
an aging goddess floats. 
The pond ferments.
She sits cross-legged atop a board—
roasted, wrinkled 
An orange dragonfly
splayed out
catches her attention.
Its feeble fluttering, 
ringlet ripples 
the effort 
spirals back millions of years.
The futility of trying to play savior
Noah’s wife.
So many tumbling from her Ark have drowned
of pigeon, robin, the raven, kingfisher, mouse, red squirrel, even the soft-rumped packrat… 
she scoops up the dragon
its orange body-stick measured by gossamer paneled wings
yes! huge alien eyes
to dry and glow…
Dragon as a cat 
it grooms 
wind-milling forelegs over its head--around. 
Propeller legs spinning 
the single engine plane 
readying for flight.
Minutes ooze and buzz and glide
Now, she’ll see what happens--
Her palm shadow passes atop the dragonfly and
four wings pump to flight.
Her heart leaps and across the pond
helicoptering to the sedges.
She didn’t expect it
this little life 
Was this best?
it’s the way it made her feel—
was best.
An after thought…
Having performed a wholesome act
       it is good to repeat it.
  Enjoy the pleasure of its memory.
The fruit of goodness is contentment.
Italic selection taken from the Buddhist Dhammapada -translated by Ajahn Munindo.

By A-Woven-Basket

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Yes, I got into your blog to leave a message! I have not been able to listen to the audio, but it may be our slow internet connection. But, I am using my Microsoft Surface Pro to look at the comments in your blog. Hope you can see! Merri Carol


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