Conversation Between Ziggy and Moses

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I hope you get to listen to this one. Sure to bring a smile, so click on the link above.

When a donkey has never met a goat, and a little goat is accustomed to respect from the big ones (horses that is).  And that old goat meets a bossy little donkey, there’s bound to be some misunderstandings.

Conversations Between Ziggy and Moses

“You really stink, has anyone told you that.”

“I don’t hear you donkee… uh’ Just keep blowin’ on my white rump hairs. Ooh! Watch those lips; I’m not a lollipop you know.”

“What is this I’m smelling; it reminds me of… a mixture of pigeon droppings and chickin messin’s.”

A fair air goes ice. Moses turns around, lowers his head and moves in.

Startled, Ziggy whirls and kicks both feet up in the air.  Runs ten feet; turns to face Moses.

“Ha! The donkee’s afraid of a little-head butt?”

A truce is on for now as Moses returns to watch oak leaves tumble across the paddock. And a small group of roller pigeons stroll and peck for grit.

By A-Woven-Basket

12 replies on “Conversation Between Ziggy and Moses”

Hahahaha! So funny. You’ve got the sweetest little ranch
All your mammals are quite extraordinary characters. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you! Could be I have an active imagination. 🙂 That’s what my husband says. Thanks for listening/reading. I was thinking of you illustrating a children’s book the other day about Chippo in his new home. Quite a lot happening there.


Yes, please, keep your audience informed to the relationship and developing situations. May spring bring positive attitudes between Moses and Ziggy.


What a delightful story… I will never forget being chased by a goat when I was six or seven. It charged me and thankfully, right before it caught me, its chain ran out and the donkey did a flip. Somewhere I have written about the story as it was my first real visual experience of extreme poverty.


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