Mother’s Gift of the Sequined Heart

The title, the photo, and listening to this short piece all go together-click above 1 min.
Mother’s Gift of the Sequined Heart

Shall the sequins that cover your heart all lie in one direction--
the same direction
smooth and tight 
like scales 
of a rainbow trout--ruby and true--

If you are caught, brought in and dipped up,
and held to be admired. Photographed even--
and by whom...
don’t squirm too much.

Some of those scales may shift, slide down, or turn over. 
And after many years, and 
all that handling
transform, by necessity perhaps,
to burnished gold.

Now thin ruby petals
and old, old gold.

But, really is any true heart all one texture and 
just one color 
when life is over?

By A-Woven-Basket

3 replies on “Mother’s Gift of the Sequined Heart”

Oooooo- I really liked that line “but really, is any true heart all one texture?” Those last for lines were just great!


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