Volunteers’ Night Out

Last Tuesday night our local hospital treated volunteers to a movie night out. But instead of meeting in a movie theater, we met in a parking lot to celebrate National Volunteer Week. The Director of Volunteer Services, her assistant, and members of the hospital executive board met each car as it entered the vacant lot. We received a red and white blanket and a popcorn bucket filled with malted milk balls, Sugar Babies, Junior Mints, and cheesy popcorn.  Yummy-fun!

Roughly 60 of the 100 hospital volunteers came to see the funny, charming movie called Sandlot.It’s about a group of baseball loving kids in 1962 who undergo a series of adventures as they face their fears and fantasies. We tuned our car radios into 89.1 and everyone looked through their car windshields toward a huge white skin draped across an enormous grain silo. This is how we do drive in movies in the West!

Volunteers are important to hospitals, and you’ll find volunteers in many departments to help the hospital run smoothly. Volunteers act as couriers, they staff the hospital gift shop, they wheel people from the ER or surgery rooms to awaiting cars, they share musical talents, help with administrative tasks, they assist with children’s educational programs, they accompany licensed pet therapy dogs to visit patients and staff, and they help with the hospital foundation’s fund raising events. Hospital volunteers are custodians of good cheer for patients, their families, and for the staff.

And, volunteering for the hospital— makes us feel pretty good too.

By A-Woven-Basket

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