Inspired by Dorothy Wordsworth’s 1800-1803 The Grasmere Journals, A Woven Basket is an online journal about life on our farm in Eastern Oregon.  Ms. Wordsworth, the poet William Wordsworth’s sister, captured brief moments of her days living in England’s Lake District. A Woven Basket is a similar effort at what is now called prose poem, various poem, flash or short nonfiction pieces intent on capturing moments for the reader to see inside one person’s ordinary life surrounded by animals and nature in the 21st century.

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Masked Brothers

Once there were two masked brothers who wanted to play fiddle music for a country dance.   But there weren’t any dances in those days, because people couldn’t get together– a deadly virus lurked.   So, they found themselves a country porch, and they played a few tunes for a little donkey instead.     […]

Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells The rarest wildflower in these woods… A pale drooping maiden Just outside my cabin door Her frail form Heralds Spring once more. Though her voice is quiet Her pleading look does say Oh’ spring come Winter pass away. Her sighs the hope for the weary Spring come– Spring come– Come without delay. Though […]

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