Inspired by Dorothy Wordsworth’s 1800-1803 The Grasmere Journals, A Woven Basket is an online journal about life on our farm in Eastern Oregon.  Ms. Wordsworth, the poet William Wordsworth’s sister, captured brief moments of her days living in England’s Lake District. A Woven Basket is a similar effort at what is now called prose poem, various poem, flash or short nonfiction pieces intent on capturing moments for the reader to see inside one person’s ordinary life surrounded by animals and nature in the 21st century.

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Donkeys Separate

The miniature donkeys, Chippo and Ziggy arrived as yearlings to the farm in 2012.  They were sold as a bonded pair.  Bonded in equines means fast buddies, a team that stays together while grazing, a team that grooms each other, plays together, and feels distress when separated. Normally a pair bond lasts a lifetime. In […]

The Residents

Cracking for kindlin’ and sometimes  the hatchet sticks.   Fancy pigeons struttin’, growlin’ and cooin’. Watch the hatchet don’t slip.   Water drips chatter into whiskey tubs and overflows through tubing  hydrate the oaks.   Donkeys crunch acorns and crush others beneath their weighted hooves.   A Jay mimics a hawk’s scream  and blows the […]

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