Inspired by Dorothy Wordsworth’s 1800-1803 The Grasmere Journals, A Woven Basket is an online journal about life on our farm in Eastern Oregon.  Ms. Wordsworth, the poet William Wordsworth’s sister, captured brief moments of her days living in England’s Lake District. A Woven Basket is a similar effort at what is now called prose poem, various poem, flash or short nonfiction pieces intent on capturing moments for the reader to see inside one person’s ordinary life surrounded by animals and nature in the 21st century.

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Barn Swallows Return

May 4th–I was just lifting a pile of soiled pine shavings when two barn swallows swoop into the stall. The birds lively chatter says, “we’re back—it’s been a year—the old nest spot above the sliding door is still there—everything’s the same—.”  “Well, actually my friends—it’s not, one of the donkeys is missing, there’s a little […]

Dream Smoke

Midnight in the nostrils wildfire smoke tendrils, but it’s April before the leafed-out maple. She throws the blanket back while three dogs remain stepping down the dream hall the orange cat– a ball– spot glows but not awake. She stands on the gravel alert wild animal the sequined night it bites no smoke all bright. […]

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